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Compassion Med These photos show the terrible housing situation of the Romanian Gypsys that we are trying to address. We
are in partnership with a housing ministry in Romania. It is headed in Romania by David McGuire. David
was called by the Lord from the UK where he worked as a building contractor. Through his good work we
can build a 2 room block home for less than $1000! David also builds communal wash houses for small
villages. (David recently married a Romanian woman after years of being a bachelor.
Congratulations to David and Rodica)

Please consider a personal or group donation to this worthy cause. Remember Mat 25:34 to 40

Below is a recent letter from David that gives a glimpse at what the situation is like.

Feb 2008
Hello friends in Christ Jesus,

Winter is truly here in Romania with freezing weather and snow coming and going. Nevertheless the Lord has
work and needs to which we must respond. And as Eph ch 2 vs 10 says he prepares for them ahead of time that
we might walk in them, not saved by them. But being available to the Lord first as Isaiah was in ch6 is a step of obedience. Anyway I'm not going to preach, but I want to give a rough update on some of the things that have
gone on since I last wrote. We came back from England in the new year relieved Rodica my wife was a little
better after the long migraine headachesat Christmas time. She has since had several others and has been admitted
to hospital twice here in her old hospital in Bistrita. This is where she worked before.She has also suffered aninflammed gallbladder with the baby pushing on to this. She is currently ok ,keep her in your prayers please.
Some of the attached pics show events such as pic1695 which was a old lady whomI buried in January. She had
no burial ground orburial plans.Her local church didn't want to do her funeral but the Lord cares and made a
way. With some true brothers in the Lordprepared a plotand I was honored to share from God's word.I also
offered the rest of the family the knowledge of how to receive God's grace of salvation. Yesterday I was in
Mures for a boy who died at weekend of aids.He was just 19. Eccl ch 7 vs1-4 talks about the refining work
of God in our hearts when we are at funerals. Had a young man from Tigmandru who has a call on his life
to be a pastor. He led this lady Maria for whom we built a house for this February (pic1823). Also, a young
man who loves Jesus came back to work with me after 6 years apart.His name is Relu.He and Hodu plastered
the lady's house with me. I did the mixing for them. With the weatherso bad we sometimes have to take wood
to families.One being a lady called Leana in the village of Soard. We built a house for her 6 years agoand
keep in contact.Thats in pic 1690. Also we have kept up with the school teachers house in Tigmandru with
the building of part of the roof and walls. More is still to be done as finance and weather permit. (pic on 1830)
More will also be done in Albestifor on the wash houses for this community in March as the weather gets better. January also saw a distribution of the word for Tady with Seer ministries around the west side of Romania.
Ralph and Alex are the printers of this Christian devotional.But my happiest timesare when we do outreach
evangelism in the local market place in Sighisoara.Sharing and praying with people the love of Jesus.
Giving a coffee or soup to cold pedestrians. Ourprayer needs are health for Rodica and the baby and myself,
Relu, Hodu and their families. Provision for all the projects in Laslea, Albesti, Tigmandru, Danes and wages
for the men. Land for new houses including our own ,specially in Danes where thereis a particular piece for
which we are negotiating.This will be good for 4 families to have a home. We pray for unity with all our
friends in accomplishing these goals for Jesus, including operation Wellfound, project Romania, Care 4romania,
Millard Fuller center for housing, and all our brothers in Christ Jesus. And we pray for support and encouragement
for this work for Jesus here in Romania.
Thank you and most of all Jesus.

David and Rodica Mcguire

  1695                               David with Maria         1823 
  1830                                                     1837 

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