Moldova/Transnistria : 2006
In close association with the evangelical churches in Moldova and Transnistria a medical team was sent to serve the poor of this region. In addition, the team visited a women's prison, an orphanage and a Moldovan center for the 'street' children.   Arrangements were made to use various church facilities as clinic sites. The team brought medicines from the USA and purchased some locally.
  Our translator and general guide was the vivacious Julia.
The waiting room for one of our clinics. Dispensing the meds in the 'pharmacy'.
Translating from one culture to another. Dr. Ron at the end of the day.
High blood pressure and no medicine. Patient from near Chernobyl presents with acute hair loss and wasting illness. Radiation sickness?
Sight-seeing at an underground monastery. Translation: If God is for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31
Yuri negotiates with the women's prison warden to let us visit. Women prisoners in the prison textile factory make simple clothing.
She was a street child and is now in a Moldovan childcare center where Julia works. Sometimes a simple prayer can be the greatest healing force.
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