Romania : Sept 11-22 2002 & May 19-June 9 2005

The year was 1996 when we began to touch Romania with humanitarian relief to Gypsy villages near Sighisoara Romanian in the region known as Transylvania. The world's largest concentration of Gypsy culture resides in Romania. Since the fall of communism, the Romanian economy has been trying desperately to gain some stability. This struggle is far from over. The Romanian Gypsy is at the bottom of the ladder. There is little hope for decent housing, food, education or even medical care.

Sighishora, Dracula's clock tower  
  Fresh water is needed
  Streets of Soard, Romania Gypsy Village
Debbie's new friend  
  Dinner together at the end of a hard day
Interpreters having some fun  
Team Work!  
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